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create meta ebuild for gds-2.19.0

parent edde7894
EBUILD gds-meta-2.19.0.ebuild 531 BLAKE2B 4226f6be2eb9d7dc973efef36a782b0701d93cb0fc56c407ccb75a62382cf4a1225b445ac2f7dd0640ab1c7be2b4a45fe86884dd059bec4157e9dcedc8bad2f0 SHA512 4388c38ceb685f7dd1bacdb9a4afe7c5ff3ecf31c4112df5841f5917fdfbeec651b96bbb60baca8b8eded99a92eedc1293321d87dd49b4126e74af7a80ea656c
# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
DESCRIPTION="LIGO Global Diagnostics System, meta package"
IUSE="+dmt +dtt +monitors +root +swig +utilities"
RDEPEND="swig? ( sci-physics/gds-swig )
dmt? ( sci-physics/gds-dmt )
dtt? ( sci-physics/gds-dmt )
monitors? ( sci-physics/gds-monitor-apps )
root? ( sci-physics/gds-root-extensions )
utilities? ( sci-physics/gds-utilities )"
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