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ComputeFstat base class: explain t0Band, tauBand in docstring

parent a43989fc
......@@ -355,6 +355,11 @@ class ComputeFstat(BaseSearchClass):
allow for the Fstat to be computed over a transient range.
('none' instead of None explicitly calls the transient-window
function, but with the full range, for debugging)
t0Band, tauBand: int
if >0, search t0 in (minStartTime,minStartTime+t0Band)
and tau in (2*Tsft,2*Tsft+tauBand).
if =0, only compute CW Fstat with t0=minStartTime,
detectors : str
Two character reference to the data to use, specify None for no
contraint. If multiple-separate by comma.
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