Commit 17f9dffc authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Adds missing check for thet0indx

parent a7671bb2
......@@ -1386,7 +1386,8 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
filename = '{}/{}.par'.format(self.outdir, self.label)
with open(filename, 'w+') as f:
f.write('MaxtwoF = {}\n'.format(max_twoF))
f.write('theta0_index = {}\n'.format(self.theta0_idx))
if hasattr(self, 'theta0_index'):
f.write('theta0_index = {}\n'.format(self.theta0_idx))
if method == 'med':
for key, val in median_std_d.iteritems():
f.write('{} = {:1.16e}\n'.format(key, val))
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