Commit 79d89e06 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Improvements to the types of artifacts that can be generated

- Adds amplitude prefact
- Adds F1
- Reorganise code to aid in future development
parent 32063456
......@@ -364,17 +364,21 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
sun_ephem_default = sun_ephem
def __init__(self, outdir=".", tstart=700000000, data_duration=86400,
F0=30, tref=None, h0=10, Tsft=1800, sqrtSX=1, Band=4,
Pmod=lal.DAYSID_SI, phir0=0, Alpha=1.2, Delta=0.5, IFO='H1',
earth_ephem=None, sun_ephem=None):
def __init__(self, label, outdir=".", tstart=700000000,
data_duration=86400, F0=30, F1=0, tref=None, h0=10, Tsft=1800,
sqrtSX=1, Band=4, Pmod=lal.DAYSID_SI, Pmod_phi=0, Pmod_amp=1,
Alpha=1.2, Delta=0.5, IFO='H1', earth_ephem=None,
tstart, data_duration : float
start and duration times (in gps seconds) of the total observation
Pmod, Amp, F0, h0: float
Modulation period, amplitude, frequency and h0 of the artifact
Pmod, F0, F1 h0: float
Modulation period, freq, freq-drift, and h0 of the artifact
Alpha, Delta: float
Sky position, in radians, of a signal of which to add the orbital
modulation to the artifact, if not `None`.
Tsft: float
the sft duration
sqrtSX: float
......@@ -400,11 +404,15 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
if self.sun_ephem is None:
self.sun_ephem = self.sun_ephem_default
if Alpha and Delta:
self.n = np.array([np.cos(Alpha)*np.cos(Delta),
def get_frequency(self, t):
DeltaFDrift = self.F1 * (t - self.tref)
if self.Alpha and self.Delta:
spin_posvel = lalpulsar.PosVel3D_t()
orbit_posvel = lalpulsar.PosVel3D_t()
det = lal.CachedDetectors[4]
......@@ -412,19 +420,24 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
spin_posvel, orbit_posvel, lal.LIGOTimeGPS(t), det, ephems,
DeltaFOrbital =, orbit_posvel.vel) * self.Fmax
DeltaFOrbital = 0
# Pos and vel returned in units of c
if self.IFO == 'H1':
elif self.IFO == 'L1':
phir = 2*np.pi*t/self.Pmod + self.phir0
DeltaFSpin = lal.REARTH_SI/lal.C_SI * 2*np.pi/self.Pmod*(
phir = 2*np.pi*t/self.Pmod + self.Pmod_phi
DeltaFSpin = self.Pmod_amp*lal.REARTH_SI/lal.C_SI * 2*np.pi/self.Pmod*(
+ np.cos(self.Alpha)*np.cos(self.Delta)*np.cos(Lambda)*np.cos(phir)
+ np.sin(self.Alpha)*np.cos(self.Delta)*np.sin(Lambda)*np.sin(phir)
f = self.F0+(, orbit_posvel.vel) + DeltaFSpin)*self.Fmax
) * self.Fmax
f = self.F0 + DeltaFDrift + DeltaFOrbital + DeltaFSpin
return f
def get_h0(self, t):
......@@ -479,29 +492,7 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
lineFreq_old = lineFreq
SFTFilename = lalpulsar.OfficialSFTFilename(
self.IFO[0], self.IFO[1], self.nsfts, self.Tsft, self.tstart,
int(self.data_duration), self.label)
'rm {}/{}'.format(self.outdir, SFTFilename), raise_error=False)
cl_splitSFTS = (
'lalapps_splitSFTs -fs {} -fb {} -fe {} -o {}/{} -i {}/{}_tmp/*sft'
.format(self.fmin, self.Band, self.fmin+self.Band, self.outdir,
SFTFilename, self.outdir, self.label))
helper_functions.run_commandline('rm {} -r'.format(tmp_outdir))
files = glob.glob('{}/{}*'.format(self.outdir, SFTFilename))
if len(files) == 1:
fn = files[0]
fn_new = fn.split('.')[0] + '.sft'
helper_functions.run_commandline('mv {} {}'.format(
fn, fn_new))
raise IOError(
'Attempted to rename file, but multiple files found: {}'
def run_makefakedata_v4(self, mid_time, lineFreq, linePhi, h0, tmp_outdir):
""" Generate the sft data using the --lineFeature option """
......@@ -531,4 +522,4 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
class FrequencyAmplitudeModulatedArtifactWriter(FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter):
""" Instance object for generating SFTs containing artifacts """
def get_h0(self, t):
return self.h0*np.sin(2*np.pi*t/self.Pmod+self.phir0)
return self.h0*np.sin(2*np.pi*t/self.Pmod+self. Pmod_phi)
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