Commit a7671bb2 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Minor improvements

1) Adds binary to transient search
2) Ignores nans when generating histogram
parent 0624fc7e
......@@ -1131,9 +1131,11 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
axes.append(fig.add_subplot(ndim+1, 1, ndim+1))
lnl = sampler.lnlikelihood[temp, :, :]
if burnin_idx and add_det_stat_burnin:
axes[-1].hist(lnl[:, :burnin_idx].flatten(), bins=50,
histtype='step', color='r')
axes[-1].hist(lnl[:, burnin_idx:].flatten(), bins=50, histtype='step',
vals = lnl[:, :burnin_idx].flatten()
axes[-1].hist(vals[~np.isnan(vals)], bins=50, histtype='step',
vals = lnl[:, burnin_idx:].flatten()
axes[-1].hist(vals[~np.isnan(vals)], bins=50, histtype='step',
if self.BSGL:
......@@ -1827,7 +1829,7 @@ class MCMCTransientSearch(MCMCSearch):
earth_ephem=self.earth_ephem, sun_ephem=self.sun_ephem,
detector=self.detector, transient=True,
minStartTime=self.minStartTime, maxStartTime=self.maxStartTime,
BSGL=self.BSGL, binary=self.binary)
def logl(self, theta, search):
for j, theta_i in enumerate(self.theta_idxs):
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