Commit dc4b3b63 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Adds ability to defin theta0_idx

Also various improvements to logging commands
parent 9543b886
......@@ -132,10 +132,18 @@ class BaseSearchClass(object):
m = self.shift_matrix(n, dT)
return, theta)
def calculate_thetas(self, theta, delta_thetas, tbounds):
def calculate_thetas(self, theta, delta_thetas, tbounds, theta0_idx=0):
""" Calculates the set of coefficients for the post-glitch signal """
thetas = [theta]
for i, dt in enumerate(delta_thetas):
if i < theta0_idx:
pre_theta_at_ith_glitch = self.shift_coefficients(
thetas[0], tbounds[i+1] - self.tref)
post_theta_at_ith_glitch = pre_theta_at_ith_glitch - dt
thetas.insert(0, self.shift_coefficients(
post_theta_at_ith_glitch, self.tref - tbounds[i+1]))
elif i >= theta0_idx:
pre_theta_at_ith_glitch = self.shift_coefficients(
thetas[i], tbounds[i+1] - self.tref)
post_theta_at_ith_glitch = pre_theta_at_ith_glitch + dt
......@@ -294,7 +302,7 @@ class SemiCoherentGlitchSearch(BaseSearchClass, ComputeFstat):
def __init__(self, label, outdir, tref, tstart, tend, nglitch=0,
sftlabel=None, sftdir=None, minCoverFreq=None,
sftlabel=None, sftdir=None, theta0_idx=0, minCoverFreq=None,
maxCoverFreq=None, detector=None, earth_ephem=None,
......@@ -310,6 +318,10 @@ class SemiCoherentGlitchSearch(BaseSearchClass, ComputeFstat):
sftlabel, sftdir: str
A label and directory in which to find the relevant sft file. If
None use label and outdir.
theta0_idx, int
Index (zero-based) of which segment the theta refers to - uyseful
if providing a tight prior on theta to allow the signal to jump
too theta (and not just from)
minCoverFreq, maxCoverFreq: float
The min and max cover frequency passed to CreateFstatInput, if
either is None the range of frequencies in the SFT less 1Hz is
......@@ -349,7 +361,8 @@ class SemiCoherentGlitchSearch(BaseSearchClass, ComputeFstat):
delta_thetas = np.atleast_2d(
np.array([delta_phi, delta_F0s, delta_F1s, delta_F2]).T)
thetas = self.calculate_thetas(theta, delta_thetas, tboundaries)
thetas = self.calculate_thetas(theta, delta_thetas, tboundaries,
twoFSum = 0
for i, theta_i_at_tref in enumerate(thetas):
......@@ -817,10 +830,24 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
ntemps_temp, self.nwalkers, self.ndim)[0, :, :]
lnp = sampler.lnprobability[:, :, -1].reshape(
self.ntemps, self.nwalkers)[0, :]
# General warnings about the state of lnp
if any(np.isnan(lnp)):
logging.warning("The sampler has produced nan's")
"Of {} lnprobs {} are nan".format(
len(lnp), np.sum(np.isnan(lnp))))
if any(np.isposinf(lnp)):
"Of {} lnprobs {} are +np.inf".format(
len(lnp), np.sum(np.isposinf(lnp))))
if any(np.isneginf(lnp)):
"Of {} lnprobs {} are -np.inf".format(
len(lnp), np.sum(np.isneginf(lnp))))
p = pF[np.nanargmax(lnp)]
lnp_finite = copy.copy(lnp)
lnp_finite[np.isinf(lnp)] = np.nan
p = pF[np.nanargmax(lnp_finite)]
p0 = self.generate_scattered_p0(p)
return p0
......@@ -829,7 +856,8 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
d = dict(nsteps=self.nsteps, nwalkers=self.nwalkers,
ntemps=self.ntemps, theta_keys=self.theta_keys,
theta_prior=self.theta_prior, scatter_val=self.scatter_val,
return d
def save_data(self, sampler, samples, lnprobs, lnlikes):
......@@ -888,7 +916,7 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
if new_d[key] != old_d[key]:
mod_keys.append((key, old_d[key], new_d[key]))
raise ValueError('Keys do not match')
raise ValueError('Keys {} not in old dictionary'.format(key))
if len(mod_keys) == 0:
return True
......@@ -954,6 +982,7 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
filename = '{}/{}.par'.format(self.outdir, self.label)
with open(filename, 'w+') as f:
f.write('MaxtwoF = {}\n'.format(max_twoF))
f.write('theta0_index = {}\n'.format(self.theta0_idx))
if method == 'med':
for key, val in median_std_d.iteritems():
f.write('{} = {:1.16e}\n'.format(key, val))
......@@ -964,6 +993,7 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
def print_summary(self):
d, max_twoF = self.get_max_twoF()
print('Max twoF: {}'.format(max_twoF))
print('theta0 index: {}'.format(self.theta0_idx))
for k in np.sort(d.keys()):
if 'std' not in k:
print('{:10s} = {:1.9e} +/- {:1.9e}'.format(
......@@ -976,7 +1006,8 @@ class MCMCGlitchSearch(MCMCSearch):
def __init__(self, label, outdir, sftlabel, sftdir, theta_prior, tref,
tstart, tend, nglitch=1, nsteps=[100, 100, 100], nwalkers=100,
ntemps=1, log10temperature_min=-5, theta_initial=None,
scatter_val=1e-4, dtglitchmin=1*86400, detector=None,
scatter_val=1e-4, dtglitchmin=1*86400, theta0_idx=0,
minCoverFreq=None, maxCoverFreq=None, earth_ephem=None,
......@@ -1016,6 +1047,10 @@ class MCMCGlitchSearch(MCMCSearch):
log10temperature_min float < 0
The log_10(tmin) value, the set of betas passed to PTSampler are
generated from np.logspace(0, log10temperature_min, ntemps).
theta0_idx, int
Index (zero-based) of which segment the theta refers to - uyseful
if providing a tight prior on theta to allow the signal to jump
too theta (and not just from)
detector: str
Two character reference to the data to use, specify None for no
......@@ -1057,7 +1092,7 @@ class MCMCGlitchSearch(MCMCSearch):
tend=self.tend, minCoverFreq=self.minCoverFreq,
maxCoverFreq=self.maxCoverFreq, earth_ephem=self.earth_ephem,
sun_ephem=self.sun_ephem, detector=self.detector,
nglitch=self.nglitch, theta0_idx=self.theta0_idx)
def logp(self, theta_vals, theta_prior, theta_keys, search):
if self.nglitch > 1:
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