Commit f770b66c authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Fixes issues when using transient searches

1) If tstart and duration where not explicity searched over, a loop
condition would quickly send the duration to infinity
2) Fixed half norm definition
parent 9d7d9b2a
......@@ -1338,7 +1338,7 @@ class MCMCSearch(BaseSearchClass):
return p
def halfnorm(x, loc, scale):
if x < 0:
if x < loc:
return -np.inf
return -0.5*((x-loc)**2/scale**2+np.log(0.5*np.pi*scale**2))
......@@ -2488,12 +2488,11 @@ class MCMCTransientSearch(MCMCSearch):
def logl(self, theta, search):
for j, theta_i in enumerate(self.theta_idxs):
self.fixed_theta[theta_i] = theta[j]
if self.fixed_theta[1] < 86400:
in_theta = copy.copy(self.fixed_theta)
in_theta[1] = in_theta[0] + in_theta[1]
if in_theta[1] > self.maxStartTime:
return -np.inf
self.fixed_theta[1] += self.fixed_theta[0]
if self.fixed_theta[1] > self.maxStartTime:
return -np.inf
FS = search.run_computefstatistic_single_point(*self.fixed_theta)
FS = search.run_computefstatistic_single_point(*in_theta)
return FS
def unpack_input_theta(self):
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