1. 27 Sep, 2016 4 commits
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      Forces output of Fstat to be finite and non-nan · b26d1c74
      Gregory Ashton authored
      It seems that , due to the choice of transient windows, occasionally
      the calculated Fstat is +/- inf or a nan. This behaviour is not
      understood. To address this, we apply a simple check and if it is an
      undesirable value, return 0. This will inherently bias the chains away
      from regions of parameter space in which the output breaks.
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      Fixes summary · b9bb2f47
      Gregory Ashton authored
      1) Improves the output
      2) Fixes a bug in which the while loop got stcuk attempting to rename
      the glitch parameters (when ng > 1)
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      Adds process to 'fix' initial p0 · 25e5f1ce
      Gregory Ashton authored
      If the initial p0 values are -np.inf due to the prior, it will iterate
      through the other p0 values to replace the duff values. The replacement
      takes another randomly selected p0 value and shifts it round by a
      fractional gaussian with std=1e-10
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