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Version 3, 29 June 2007
......@@ -673,4 +672,3 @@ may consider it more useful to permit linking proprietary applications with
the library. If this is what you want to do, use the GNU Lesser General
Public License instead of this License. But first, please read
2010-10-25 Sergey Poznyakoff <>
Version 1.24
*, NEWS: Version 1.24
* bootstrap: Restore tar-specific code lost during last
sync from gnulib (241b72ffad).
* src/misc.c (chdir_do): Remove unused automatic variable.
2010-10-16 Paul Eggert <>
tar: use more-accurate diagnostic when intermediate mkdir fails
Without this change, if tar tried to extract a file A/B/C, noticed
that A/B didn't exist, attempted to mkdir A/B, and the mkdir
failed, it did not diagnose the mkdir failure, but simply reported
the failure to open A/B/C. This sometimes led to confusion
because it wasn't clear what tar was trying to do, in particular
that tar tried to mkdir A/B. With this patch, tar issues two
diagnostics in this case: one for A/B and the other for A/B/C.
Problem reported by Hauke Laging in
* gnulib.modules: Remove faccessat.
* src/extract.c (make_directories): New arg INTERDIR_MADE.
Diagnose mkdir failure. Return 0 on success, nonzero on failure,
as opposed to nonzero iff some directory was created. All callers
changed. Simplify the code when mkdir fails, by checking whether
the desired file exists unless errno==EEXIST: this is more robust.
* tests/ New test, to check this.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add it.
* tests/ Include it.
tests: port to NFS file servers with clock skew
Several of the tests assumed that a newly created file cannot
have a time stamp dated in the future. This assumption is not
true when files are served by a remote host whose clock is
slightly in advance of ours. Fix the problems that I observed
when running "make check" a couple of times on such a server.
* tests/ Use --warning=no-timestamp to suppress
clock-skew warnings.
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/, tests/, tests/,
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/, tests/, tests/
* tests/
2010-10-12 Paul Eggert <>
gnulib: sync from latest gnulib, notably bootstrap and
* bootstrap: Sync from gnulib.
* doc/.gitignore: Rename getdate.texi to parse-datetime.texi.
* doc/ (tar_TEXINFOS): Likewise.
* doc/tar.texi (Top): Adjust to renaming of getdate to
* gnulib.modules: Likewise. Also, remove ftruncate (now
And add inttostr (we missed this dependency).
* src/tar.c: Include parse-datetime.h, not getdate.h. All calls
to get_date replaced with parse_datetime.
2010-09-24 Paul Eggert <>
tar: -x -C symlink fix
* src/misc.c (chdir_do): Don't use O_NOFOLLOW when opening the
argument to -C. This is for consistency with "tar -c -C FOO", and
matches the new documentation.
* tests/ New file.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add it.
* tests/ Include it.
tar: --dereference consistency
This closes another race condition, that occurs when overwriting a
symlink with a regular file.
* NEWS (--dereference consistency): New section.
* doc/tar.texi (Option Summary): Describe new --deference
(dereference): Likewise. Remove discussion that I didn't follow,
even before --dereference was changed.
* src/common.h (deref_stat, set_file_atime): Adjust signatures.
* src/compare.c (diff_file, diff_multivol): Respect
instead of rolling our own flags. This implements the new
for --dereference.
(diff_file, diff_dumpdir): Likewise, for fstatat_flags.
* src/create.c: Adjust to set_file_atime signature change.
* src/extract.c (mark_after_links, file_newer_p, extract_dir):
* src/incremen.c (try_purge_directory): Likewise.
* src/misc.c (maybe_backup_file): Likewise.
* src/extract.c (file_newer_p): New arg STP. All callers changed.
(maybe_recoverable): New arg REGULAR. All callers changed.
Handle the case of overwriting a symlink with a regular file,
when --overwrite is specified but --dereference is not.
(open_output_file): Add O_CLOEXEC, O_NOCTTY, O_NONBLOCK for
consistency with file creation. Add O_NOFOLLOW if
overwriting_old_files && ! dereference_option.
* src/incremen.c (update_parent_directory): Use fstat, not
there's less to go wrong.
* src/misc.c (deref_stat): Remove DEREF arg. All callers changed.
Instead, use fstatat_flags.
(set_file_atime): Remove ATFLAG arg. All callers changed.
Instead, use fstatat_flags.
* src/names.c, src/update.c: Adjust to deref_stat signature
* src/tar.c (get_date_or_file): Use stat, not deref_stat, as this
is not a file to be archived.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add
* tests/ New file.
* tests/ Include it.
2010-09-20 Paul Eggert <>
tar: do not crash with --listed-incremental
Problem reported by Frantisek Hanzlik in
<> via Kamil Dudka in
I don't understand this code either, but Sergey can take a look at
this patch, and perhaps install a better one, when he has
the time.
* src/incremen.c (append_incremental_renames): Don't actually
anything to DIR if DIR is null.
2010-09-19 Paul Eggert <>
tar: prefer openat-style functions
This change replaces traditional functions like 'open' with the
POSIX.1-2008 functions like 'openat'. Mostly this is an internal
refactoring change, in preparation for further changes to close
some races.
* gnulib.modules: Add faccessat, linkat, mkfifoat, renameat,
Remove save-cwd.
* src/ (tar_LDADD): Add $(LIB_EACCESS).
* tests/ (LDADD): Likewise.
* src/common.h (chdir_fd): New extern var.
* src/compare.c (diff_file, diff_multivol): Use openat instead
of open.
* src/create.c (create_archive, restore_parent_fd): Likewise.
* src/extract.c (create_placeholder_file): Likewise.
* src/names.c (collect_and_sort_names): Likewise.
* src/update.c (append_file): Likewise.
* src/compare.c (diff_symlink): Use readlinkat instead of
* src/compare.c (diff_file): Use chdir_fd instead of AT_FDCWD.
* src/create.c (subfile_open, dump_file0): Likewise.
* src/extract.c (fd_chmod, fd_chown, fd_stat, set_stat):
(repair_delayed_set_stat, apply_nonancestor_delayed_set_stat):
* src/extract.c (mark_after_links, file_newer_p, extract_dir):
(extract_link, apply_delayed_links):
Use fstatat rather than stat or lstat.
* src/misc.c (maybe_backup_file, deref_stat): Likewise.
* src/extract.c (make_directories): Use mkdirat rather than mkdir.
Use faccessat rather than access. This fixes a minor permissions
bug when tar is running setuid (who would want to do that?!).
(open_output_file): Use openat rather than open.
In the process, this removes support for Masscomp's O_CTG files,
which aren't compatible with openat's signature. Masscomp! Wow!
That's a blast from the past. As far as I know, that operating
system hasn't been supported for more than 20 years.
(extract_link, apply_delayed_links):
Use linkat rather than link.
(extract_symlink, apply_delayed_links):
Use symlinkat rather than symlink.
(extract_node): Use mknodat rather than mknod.
(extract_fifo): Use mkfifoat rather than mkfifo.
(apply_delayed_links): Use unlinkat rather than unlink or rmdir.
* src/misc.c (safer_rmdir, remove_any_file): Likewise.
* src/unlink.c (flush_deferred_unlinks): Likewise.
* src/extract.c (rename_directory): Use renameat rather than
* src/misc.c (maybe_backup_file, undo_last_backup): Likewise.
* src/misc.c: Don't include <save-cwd.h>; no longer needed now
that we're using openat etc.
(struct wd): Add member fd. Remove members err and fd. All uses
(CHDIR_CACHE_SIZE): New constant.
(wdcache, wdcache_count, chdir_fd): New vars.
(chdir_do): Use openat rather than save_cwd. Keep the cache up
to date. This code won't scale well, but is good enough for now.
* src/update.c (update_archive): Use openat + fdopendir +
streamsavedir rather than savedir.
This file is a placeholder. It will be replaced with the actual
by make dist. Run make ChangeLog if you wish to create it
2010-09-18 Paul Eggert <>
tar: add utimens.h includes
* src/extract.c: Include <utimens.h>, needed for fdutimens
* src/misc.c: Likewise.
tar: switch to gnulib fdutimensat module
* gnulib.modules: Add fdutimensat.
* src/common.h (fd_utimensat): Remove decl.
* src/extract.c (set_stat): Call fdutimensat, not fd_utimensat.
* src/misc.c (set_file_atime): Likewise.
(fd_utimensat): Remove.
2010-09-17 Paul Eggert <>
tar: extract permissions for . last
* src/common.h (must_be_dot_or_slash): New decl.
* src/extract.c (mark_after_links): New function, taking code
that used to be in create_placeholder_file.
(create_placeholder_file): Use it.
(delay_set_stat): Always delay setting status for . and /.
* src/misc.c (must_be_dot_or_slash): Now extern.
* tests/ New file.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add it.
* tests/ Likewise.
tar: don't check for getdtablesize; use AC_CHECK_FUNCS_ONCE
* Don't check for getdtablesize; no longer needed.
tar: extract symlink attributes, close some symlink-related races
* NEWS: Describe symlink-extraction improvements.
* src/extract.c (enum permstatus): Remove.
(fchmod, fchown): Define dummy replacement macros if the system
does not supply them.
(implemented): New function.
(struct delayed_set_stat): Remove members invert_permissions,
permstatus. They were too confusing, and tried to do too much
in too-little space. Instead, add members current_mode,
current_mode_mask, interdir, atflag. All users changed.
(struct delayed_link): Add members mode, atime, mtime, to support
platforms such as BSD where symlinks have these attributes.
All users changed.
(fd_chmod): Renamed from fdchmod. New argument atflag. Check for
operation not supported at run-time, not at configure-time. Put
fd argument first. All callers changed.
(fd_chown): Likewise, renaming from fdchown.
(fd_stat): Likewise, renaming from fdstat.
(set_mode): Remove args stat_info, cur_info, invert_permissions,
permstatus. Add args mode, mode_mask, current_mode,
atflag. All callers changed. Close some races. Use an easier-to
understand method for computing permissions. Work around POSIX
incompatibility in Linux fchmodat. Support extraction of symlink
modes, if the OS allows it.
(set_stat): Remove args cur_info, invert_permissions, permstatus.
Add args current_mode, current_mode_mask, interdir, atflag.
All callers changed. Close some races. Support extraction of
attributes on symlinks, if the OS allows it.
(delay_set_stat): Remove args invert_permissions, permstatus.
Add args current_mode, current_mode_mask, mode, atflag.
The ST arg can be null now, indicating that it's an intermediate
directory. All callers changed.
(repair_delayed_set_stat, apply_nonancestor_delayed_set_stat):
Close some races.
(extract_dir): Also be paranoid if only --same-permissions, due
to semantics of setgid and setuid directories on some hosts.
This closes a race on those hosts. Simplify calculation of
delay_set_stat arguments; the old code was truly strange and
probably wrong in some border cases.
(extract_dir, extract_file, extract_node, extract_fifo): Don't
rely on
unspecified behavior in mode arg of open, mknod, etc. Instead,
mask out those bits when creating the file, and add them later via
fchmod or chmodat.
(open_output_file): file_name is now const. Add arg current_mode,
current_mode_mask. All callers changed. When overwriting
old files,
refuse to overwrite something that is not a regular file, since
we're extracting a regular file.
(extract_file): Remove the FIXME comment. Whatever the protection
issues were, they should be fixed now. As a result of all
the other
API changes, we now use fchmod etc. rather than chmod etc.,
some races.
(create_placeholder_file, apply_delayed_links): Record desired
mode and times for symlinks, for OSes that support that.
2010-09-16 Paul Eggert <>
tar: tar -x without --incremental no longer sets atime again
* src/extract.c (set_stat): Use UTIME_OMIT rather than UTIME_NOW.
The UTIME_NOW was there only to emulate the previous behavior of
using the current time, and the previous behavior was there only
because before we started assuming POSIX.1-2008 there was no
portable way to get the effect of UTIME_NOW.
tar: another --atime-preserve race fix
* src/common.h (set_file_atime): Add parentfd arg.
* src/compare.c (diff_file): Use it.
* src/create.c (dump_file0): Likewise. This closes yet another
race condition with symbolic links.
* src/misc.c (set_file_atime): Add parentfd arg.
tar: --atime-preserve fixes for races etc.
This patch fixes a race condition in the --atime-preserve=replace
option, which might cause tar to improperly follow a symbolic
It also drops the use of the _FIOSATIME ioctl of Solaris 2.x
and later, which loses resolution on time stamps. Modern Solaris
systems support full-resolution time stamps in the kernel, and
it's not worth the hassle of testing this call, useful only in
no-longer-supported Solaris variants.
Also, it undoes a change I recently introduced to the --compare
option, which caused it to not follow symbolic links unless the
--dereference option was also used. Quite possibly this change is
a good idea, but the old behavior was documented and the change
should not have been installed casually.
* Don't check for stropts.h and sys/filio.h.
* gnulib.modules: Add futimens, utimensat. Remove futimens.
* src/common.h (fd_utimensat): New decl.
* src/compare.c (diff_file, diff_multivol):
Don't use open_read_flags: those are for --create only.
* src/create.c (dump_file0): Adjust to set_file_atime changes.
Pass fstatat_flags to set_file_atime, so that symbolic links are
not followed inadvertantly.
* src/extract.c: Don't include utimens.h.
(set_stat): Use fd_utimensat ant UTIME_NOW rather than fdutimens.
* src/misc.c: Don't include utimens.h, stropts.h, sys/filio.h.
(fd_utimensat): New function.
(set_file_atime): Use it. New arg atflag, controlling symlink
handling. All callers changed.
2010-09-14 Paul Eggert <>
* tar: close some race conditions when extracting
* Check for fchmod and fchown. Don't check
for utimes.
* src/extract.c (fdchmod, fdchown, fdstat): New functions.
(set_mode, set_stat): New arg FD. All callers changed.
This avoids some race conditions between closing a regular file
and setting its metadata, and it's a bit faster.
2010-09-13 Paul Eggert <>
tar: don't worry about fdopendir closing its argument
* NEWS: Don't mention dirfd; no longer needed.
* gnulib.modules: Remove dirfd.
* src/create.c (get_directory_entries): Remove the code dealing
with dirfd failures, as the new fdopendir replacement doesn't
close its argument so we don't need to call dirfd. See
and gnulib commit 970c9038e4cca46e1b037ae0a6d574dfae6a7327.
* NEWS: Fix wording typo in previous change.
Reported by Jim Meyering.
tar: live within system-supplied limits on file descriptors
* NEWS: Note the change. Mention dirfd and fdopendir.
* gnulib.modules: Add dirfd and fdopendir. The code was already
using fdopendir; dirfd is a new need.
* src/common.h (open_searchdir_flags, get_directory_entries):
(subfile_open, restore_parent_fd, tar_stat_close): New decls.
(check_exclusion_tags): Adjust signature to match code change.
* src/create.c (IMPOSTOR_ERRNO): New constant.
(check_exclusion_tags): First arg is now a struct tar_stat_info
const *, not an fd. All callers changed.
(dump_regular_file, dump_file0): A zero fd represents an unused
slot, so play it safe if the fd member is zero here. A negative
fd represents the negation of an errno value, so play it safe and
do not assign -1 to fd merely because an open fails.
(open_failure_recover, get_directory_entries, restore_parent_fd):
(subfile_open): New functions. These help to recover from file
descriptor exhaustion.
(dump_dir, dump_file0): Use them.
(dump_file0): Use tar_stat_close instead of rolling our own close.
* src/incremen.c (scan_directory): Use get_directory_entries,
subfile_open, etc., to recover from file descriptor exhaustion.
* src/names.c (add_hierarchy_to_namelist): Likewise.
(collect_and_sort_names): A negative fd represents the negation
of an errno value, so play it safe and do not assign -1 to fd.
* src/tar.c (decode_options): Set open_searchdir_flags.
Add O_CLOEXEC to all the open flags.
(tar_stat_close): New function, which knows how to deal with
new convention for directory streams and file descriptors.
Diagnose 'close' failures.
(tar_stat_destroy): Use it.
* src/tar.h (struct tar_stat_info): New member dirstream.
fd now has the negative of an errno value, not merely -1, if
the file could not be opened, so that failures to reopen
are better-diagnosed later.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add
* tests/ Likewise.
* tests/ New file.
2010-09-08 Paul Eggert <>
tar: improve documentation of reliability and security issues
* doc/tar.texi (Reliability and security, Reliability):
(Permissions problems, Data corruption and repair, Race
(Security, Privacy, Integrity, Live untrusted data):
(Security rules of thumb): New nodes.
2010-09-06 Paul Eggert <>
tar: more reliable directory traversal when creating archives
* NEWS: Document this.
* gnulib.modules: Add openat, readlinkat.
* src/common.h (open_read_flags, fstatat_flags): New global
(cachedir_file_p, dump_file, check_exclusion_tags,
Adjust to new signatures, described below.
(name_fill_directory): Remove.
* src/compare.c (diff_file, diff_multivol): Use open_read_flags.
* src/create.c (struct exclusion_tag): Exclusion predicates
now take
a file descriptor, not a file name.
(add_exclusion_tag): Likewise. All uses changed.
(cachedir_file_p): Likewise.
(check_exclusion_tags): The directory is now a file descriptor,
not a file name. All uses changed. Use openat for better
(file_dumpable_p): Arg is now a struct stat, not a struct
tar_stat_info. All uses changed. Check the arg's file types too.
(dump_dir0, dump_dir, dump_file0, dump_file): Omit top_level and
parent_device args, since st->parent tells us that now. All uses
(dump_dir): Likewise. Also, omit fd arg for similar reasons.
Apply fdsavedir to a dup of the file descriptor, since we need a
file descriptor for openat etc. as well, and fdsavedir (perhaps
unwisely) consumes its file descriptor when successful.
Do not consume st->fd when successful; this simplifies the caller.
(create_archive): Allocate a file descriptor when retraversing
a directory, during incremental dumps.
(dump_file0): Use fstatat, openat, and readlinkat for better
When opening a file, use the result of fstat on the file
rather than the fstatat on the directory entry, to avoid some race
conditions. No need to reopen the directory since we now
no longer
close it. Change "did we open the file?" test from 0 <= fd to
0 < fd since fd == 0 now represents uninitialized.
(dump_file): Now accepts struct tar_stat_info describing parent,
not parent_device. Also, accept basename and fullname of entry.
All uses changed.
* src/incremen.c (update_parent_directory): Accept struct
tar_stat_info for parent, not name. All callers changed.
Use fstatat for safer directory traversal.
(procdir): Accept struct tar_stat_info, not struct stat and
dev_t, for info about directory. All callers changed.
(scan_directory): Accept struct tar_stat_info, not name,
device, and cmdline, for info about directory. All callers
changed. Do not consume the file descriptor, since caller
might need it. Use fstatat and openat for safer directory
traversal; also, use fstat after opening to double-check.
(name_fill_directory): Remove.
* src/names.c (add_hierarchy_to_namelist): Accept struct
tar_stat_info instead of device and cmdline. All callers changed.
When descending into a subdirectory, use openat and fstat for
safer directory traversal.
(collect_and_sort_names): Use open and fstat for safer directory
traversal. Set up struct tar_stat_info for callee's new API.
* src/tar.c (decode_options): Initialize open_read_flags
and fstatat_flags.
(tar_stat_destroy): Close st->fd if it is positive (not zero!).
* src/tar.h (struct tar_stat_info): New members parent, fd.
* src/update.c (update_archive): Adjust to dump_file's API change.
* tests/ Ignore stderr since its contents now depend
on the file system implementation.
2010-09-05 Paul Eggert <>
tar: remove lint discovered by Sun C compiler
* src/common.h (WARN_ALL): Don't mask with 0xffffffff; on a 32-bit
host, 0xffffffff is of type 'unsigned int', which makes WARN_ALL
an unsigned int value that is too large to fit into an int, and
the C standard says that this has undefined behavior. The mask is
not needed, so omit it.
2010-09-04 Paul Eggert <>
tar: restore macros that are used in some cases
Restore these macros, undoing the previous change to this file.
The macros are used after all, in some cases. Sorry about that.
2010-09-03 Paul Eggert <>
tar: remove unused macros
* src/create.c (UINTMAX_TO_CHARS): Remove; no longer used.
* src/incremen.c (DIR_IS_NEW): Comment out; not used.
Mark this with a FIXME, since it looks like it should be used.
2010-08-27 Sergey Poznyakoff <>
Fix --remove-files in update/append mode.
* src/update.c (update_archive): Call finish_deferred_unlinks when
2010-08-26 Paul Eggert <>
tar: avoid assumptions about root access and chmod -w in test
* tests/, tests/, tests/ Use
AT_UNPRIVILEGED_PREREQ, since this test requires non-root
* tests/ Don't use "chmod -w", as POSIX says it's not
portable to start a chmod permissions-list with "-" as it may be
confused with an option. Use "chmod a-w" instead.
tar: fix bug with -C and delayed setting of metadata
* src/common.h (chdir_current): New decl.
* src/extract.c (struct delayed_set_stat, struct delayed_link):
New member change_dir.
(delay_set_stat, create_placeholder_file): Set it.
(apply_nonancestor_delayed_set_stat, apply_delayed_links): Use it.
(extract_link): Check that the links are all relative to the same
(extract_archive): Restore the current directory after
apply_nonancestor_delayed_set_stat has possibly changed it.
* src/misc.c (chdir_current): New external var; this used to
be the private static variable 'previous' inside chdir_dir.
All uses changed.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): New test
* tests/ New file.
* tests/ Include it.
2010-08-25 Sergey Poznyakoff <>
Don't apply file transformations to volume names.
* src/list.c (decode_header): Don't apply file transformations
to volume names.
* tests/ New testcase.
* tests/ (xform): Rename macro to xformtest. Use
* tests/, tests/ Add
2010-08-25 Paul Eggert <>
tar: optimize -c --sparse when file is entirely sparse
* src/sparse.c (sparse_scan_file): If the file is entirely sparse,
that is, if ST_NBLOCKS is zero, don't bother scanning for nonzero
blocks. Idea by Kit Westneat, communicated by Bernd Schubert in
Also, omit unnecessary lseek at start of file.
tar: don't assume size of a sparse file chunk fits in size_t
* src/tar.h (struct sp_array): Change numbytes from size_t
to off_t.
All uses changed.
* scripts/xsparse.c (struct sp_array): Likewise.
Include <stdint.h>, for SIZE_MAX.
(expand_sparse): Don't try to allocate a buffer bigger than
SIZE_MAX bytes.
* src/common.h (SIZE_TO_CHARS, size_to_chars, SIZE_FROM_HEADER):
(size_from_header): Remove decls.
* src/create.c (size_to_chars): Remove.
* src/list.c (size_from_header): Remove.
* src/sparse.c (sparse_extract_region, check_data_region):
(oldgnu_add_sparse, oldgnu_store_sparse_info, pax_decode_header):
Don't assume chunk sizes fit in size_t.
(oldgnu_add_sparse): Check for off_t overflow.
* src/xheader.c (sparse_numbytes_decoder, sparse_map_decoder):
tar: use ctime, not mtime, when checking placeholders
* src/extract.c (struct delayed_link): Rename member mtime
to ctime.
All uses changed to use ctime rather than mtime.
2010-08-24 Paul Eggert <>
tar: add comment to test
* tests/ Add explanatory comment at head.
tar: fix 1.23 Solaris regression related to PRIV_SYS_LINKDIR
The idea was suggested by Petr Sumbera in the thread starting
* src/extract.c (set_mode): Save the errno of the chmod that
failed, for the benefit of chmod_error_details. Do not bother
retrying chmod unless the mode suggests setuid is the issue.
(extract_archive): Remove redundant call to
* src/system.c: Include priv-set.h.
(sys_spawn_shell, sys_child_open_for_compress):
(sys_child_open_for_uncompress, sys_exec_command):
(sys_exec_info_script, sys_exec_checkpoint_script):
Invoke priv_set_restore_linkdir before execv or execlp, so that
the subprocess has the same privileges that tar originally did.
tar: handle files that occur multiple times but have link count 1
This patch was inspired by the following patch that addressed a
similar problem in GNU coreutils du:;h=efe53cc72b599979ea292754ecfe8abf7c839d22
* src/common.h (name_count): New decl.
* src/create.c (trivial_link_count): New static var.
(create_archive): Initialize it.
(dump_hard_link, file_count_links): Use it, so that files with
link count 1 are handled correctly when they are found multiple
* src/names.c (allocated_entries): Renamed from allocated_names,
since the identifier's name was misleading. All uses changed.
(entries): Renamed from names. All uses changed.
(scanned): Renamed from name_index. All uses changed.
(name_count): New var.
(name_add_name): Increment it.
* tests/ New file.
* tests/ Add it.
* tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Likewise.
2010-08-23 Paul Eggert <>
tar: use nlink_t for link counts
* src/create.c (struct link): nlink is now of type nlink_t,
not size_t.
tar: don't export names that aren't used elsewhere
* src/common.h (file_dumpable_p, gid_to_chars, major_to_chars):
(minor_to_chars, mode_to_chars, uid_to_chars, uintmax_to_chars):
(string_to_chars, dumpdir_creat0, dumpdir_create, dumpdir_free):
(dumpdir_locate, dumpdir_next, dumpdir_first, gid_from_header):
(major_from_header, minor_from_header, mode_from_header):
(time_from_header, uid_from_header, quote_copy_string,
(xheader_init, transform_header_name):
Remove declarations; these are no longer exported from their
Move to src/create.c, since no other module uses these.
Move to src/extract.c, since no other module uses these.
(dumpdir_t, dumpdir_iter_t): Remove; no longer used.
* src/create.c (gid_to_chars, major_to_chars, minor_to_chars):
(mode_to_chars, uid_to_chars, uintmax_to_chars, string_to_chars):
(file_dumpable_p): Now static.
* src/incremen.c (dumpdir_create0, dumpdir_create, dumpdir_free):
(dumpdir_locate, dumpdir_next, dumpdir_first): Now static.
(scan_directory, write_directory_file_entry):
Use struct dumpdir_iter * rather than dumpdir_iter_t.