Commit 31afa0ae authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Adds injectedSources to uniform prior search

parent b5f24e3a
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ class GridUniformPriorSearch():
def __init__(self, theta_prior, NF0, NF1, label, outdir, sftfilepattern,
tref, minStartTime, maxStartTime, minCoverFreq=None,
maxCoverFreq=None, BSGL=False, detectors=None, nsegs=1,
SSBprec=None, injectSources=None):
dF0 = (theta_prior['F0']['upper'] - theta_prior['F0']['lower'])/NF0
dF1 = (theta_prior['F1']['upper'] - theta_prior['F1']['lower'])/NF1
F0s = [theta_prior['F0']['lower'], theta_prior['F0']['upper'], dF0]
......@@ -295,7 +295,8 @@ class GridUniformPriorSearch():
Alphas=[theta_prior['Alpha']], Deltas=[theta_prior['Delta']],
minStartTime=minStartTime, maxStartTime=maxStartTime, BSGL=BSGL,
detectors=detectors, minCoverFreq=minCoverFreq,
maxCoverFreq=maxCoverFreq, nsegs=nsegs, SSBprec=SSBprec)
injectSources=injectSources, maxCoverFreq=maxCoverFreq,
nsegs=nsegs, SSBprec=SSBprec)
def run(self):
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