Commit c896db59 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Merge branch 'displayless-matplotlib' into 'master'

displayless matplotlib import workaround also in

See merge request GregAshton/PyFstat!12
parents b23ff98a b462feba
...@@ -11,12 +11,19 @@ import inspect ...@@ -11,12 +11,19 @@ import inspect
import peakutils import peakutils
from functools import wraps from functools import wraps
from scipy.stats.distributions import ncx2 from scipy.stats.distributions import ncx2
import numpy as np
import lal import lal
import lalpulsar import lalpulsar
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # workaround for matplotlib on X-less remote logins
import numpy as np if 'DISPLAY' in os.environ:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
else:'No $DISPLAY environment variable found, so importing \
matplotlib.pyplot with non-interactive "Agg" backend.')
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def set_up_optional_tqdm(): def set_up_optional_tqdm():
try: try:
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