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VBOX: Add code to handle search path modification for Linux and Mac.

Something has changed on OS X that prevents /usr/local/bin from being in the default search path.  It is when launched from a terminal window, but not when BOINC launches vboxwrapper.  I think recent versions of VirtualBox changed where it stores VboxManage on install.  bbad0d9d recently addressed this in the CC.
parent b33025de
......@@ -86,8 +86,6 @@ int VBOX_VM::initialize() {
// Prep the environment so we can execute the vboxmanage application
// TODO: Fix for non-Windows environments if we ever find another platform
// where vboxmanage is not already in the search path
#ifdef _WIN32
if (!virtualbox_install_directory.empty())
......@@ -98,6 +96,18 @@ int VBOX_VM::initialize() {
vboxlog_msg("Failed to modify the search path.");
old_path = getenv("PATH");
if(boinc_file_exists("/usr/local/bin/VboxManage")) {
new_path = "/usr/local/bin/:" + old_path;
if(boinc_file_exists("/usr/bin/VboxManage")) {
new_path = "/usr/bin/:" + old_path;
// putenv does not copy its input buffer, so we must use setenv
if (setenv("PATH", const_cast<char*>(new_path.c_str()), 1)) {
vboxlog_msg("Failed to modify the search path.");
// Determine the VirtualBox home directory. Overwrite as needed.
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