Commit d5167aee authored by David Anderson's avatar David Anderson
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web: don't show "forgot email" link for non-compute projects

parent fbe6a4fd
......@@ -100,9 +100,10 @@ function login_form($next_url) {
} else {
$x = tra("Email address:");
row2($x . '<br><p class="text-muted"><a href="get_passwd.php">'.tra("forgot email address?")."</a></p>",
"<input name=email_addr type=\"text\" size=40 tabindex=1>"
if (!parse_bool(get_config(), "no_computing")) {
$x .= '<br><p class="text-muted"><a href="get_passwd.php">'.tra("forgot email address?")."</a></p>";
row2($x, "<input name=email_addr type=\"text\" size=40 tabindex=1>");
row2(tra("Password:") . '<br><p class="text-muted"><a href="get_passwd.php">' . tra("forgot password?") . "</a></p>",
'<input type="password" name="passwd" size="40" tabindex="2">'
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