1. 09 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      Enable Travis-CI for master branch · 3ae20d73
      Christian Beer authored
      - An email is send only to those adresses given in .travis.yml
      - Only the master branch is build
      - The compiler gcc and clang are used
      - The components libraries, server and client/manager are build separately
      - The README.md just displays the current build status on the github mirror
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  7. 31 Dec, 2014 6 commits
  8. 30 Dec, 2014 4 commits
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      HTMLGFX: Fix a bunch of potential cross-site scripting issues. · 2f3a8cb3
      Rom Walton authored
      * Implement a mini HTTP server to service file requests from the slot
      directory.  Have the browser control download the file(s) via the
      HTTP protocol instead of the FILE protocol.
      TODO: Lock down the authentication mechanism so that it is reasonably
      protected even though it is only bound to the loopback adapter.
      * Configure the browser emulation level for the executable to
      Internet Explorer 11.
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      web: don't show non-English translation incorrectly · 6906128e
      David Anderson authored
      The translation code (translation.inc) had a special case
      where if the first accepted language was "en", it would show English.
      Problem: if the accepted languages are, say, "en-us", "en", "es"
      then you'll see Spanish.
      Fix: check for both "en" and "en_*" in the special case.
      The logic of this code is still flawed, however.
      It builds a list $languages_in_use of accepted languages
      for which a translation file exists,
      and to translate a word it tries these in sequence.
      So a page could have translations from several languages.
      What it should do is scan the accepted languages until it
      finds one that either is English or for which a translation file exists.
      Then use that one.
      (there could be a check that skips languages for which
      the translation is very incomplete).
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      HTMLGFX: Remove unneeded files. · df7b1123
      Rom Walton authored
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      HTMLGFX: Normalize the URLs configured by way of the configuration file. ... · 9e1e50a4
      Rom Walton authored
      HTMLGFX: Normalize the URLs configured by way of the configuration file.  MSHTML would attempt to use HTTP when only a filename was given.
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