1. 06 Jan, 2010 2 commits
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      client: Eliminate x86_64 Mac client so we can link with 32-bit CUDA libraries · 506e8fdb
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      - client: scheduling problem: · 37aae854
      David Anderson authored
          - a project overestimates job FLOP counts
          - the client starts jobs in EDF mode
          - as job progresses and fraction done increases,
              its completion time estimate decreases until
              it's no longer a deadline miss.
          - job gets preempted by other job from that project;
              you end up with lots of partly completed jobs.
          Solution (I hope): if an app version has running jobs,
              compute a "temp DCF" for the app version,
              which is the min of dynamic/static estimates for its jobs.
              Apply this scaling factor to completion time estimates
              for unstarted jobs in RR simulation
      - client: the estimation of remaining time of running jobs was wrong
          (how did this bug survive so long?)
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      · e2df29df
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      - example multi-thread app: change to use boinc_init_parallel(). · 1c127cd1
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          It's way simpler now.
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      · e50bca6c
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      compile fixes · da1476f4
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      · 9e1644e5
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      - API: add boinc_init_parallel(). · d5a8f6f1
      David Anderson authored
          This is like boinc_init() but for multithread apps.
          Unlike boinc_init(), it suspends/resumes all threads in the app,
          not just one.
          In Unix, this is done by forking,
          and having the parent process handle suspend/resume messages
          and suspend/resume the child using signals
          On Win, there's some nasty code that enumerates all
          threads in the whole system, and suspends/resumes
          those in a particular process.
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