1. 26 Feb, 2009 1 commit
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      · 8f3abcc8
      Eric J. Korpela authored
          - Added checks for net/*.h, arpa/*.h, netinet/*.h and code to figure out
            which of those files to include
          - Modified MAC address check to work on some non-Linux unixes.
          - Added suggested change to "already attached to project" checking.
          - changed includes of standard c header files to their c++ equivalents
            (i.e. replaced <stdio.h> with <cstdio>) for namespace protection.
          - replaced "using namespace std;" with more explicit "using std::function" in
            several files.
          - Fixed bug in checking whether the os is OS/2 and added conditional OS_OS2
            to the build environment. (boinc_platform.m4,configure.ac)
          - Changed build environment to not use -nostandardlibs unless we are using
            G++ and static linkage is specified. (configure.ac)
          - Added makefiles and package building files for solaris CSW package manager.
          - Fixed bug with attempting to find login name using logname. (configure.ac)
          - Added ifdef HAVE_* protection around some include files commonly found in
          - Added support for unified binary for x86_64/i686-pc-solaris.
          - generate_host_cpid() now uses MAC address on non-linux unix.
          - Macro BOINC_SET_COMPILE_FLAGS now doesn't check gcc only flags on non-gcc
            compilers. (boinc_set_compile_flags.m4)
          - Library compiles no longer depend upon the library extension or require
            the library to be prefixed with lib.
          - More fixes for fcgi builds.
          - Added declaration of "struct ether_addr" and ether_ntoa().  Have not yet
            implemented ether_ntoa() for machines that don't have it, or where it is
            buggy.  (unix_util.h)
          - Added FCGI::perror() which calls FCGI_perror(). (boinc_fcgi.{h,cpp})
          - Fixed library Makefiles so that all required headers get installed.
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      Fix comment · 345214bc
      Charlie Fenton authored
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      screensaver: Code consolidation, fix bug terminating default graphics app on screensaver exit · fd1e7b33
      Charlie Fenton authored
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=17339
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      - client: work-fetch bug fix: if we're fetching work for a starved · 125c90d1
      David Anderson authored
          project, it most have no runnable jobs for ANY resource.
      - client: work-fetch bug fix: when setting requests in the
          shortfall case, don't request anything if project is backed off
          or overworked for the resource.
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=17338
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      - client: fix work-fetch bug that caused infinite fetch; · f257101d
      David Anderson authored
          cleanup/reorganization of work fetch logic
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=17337
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      - WINSCR: Fix the BOINC text displayed is the screensaver control · b4028647
      Rom Walton authored
              panel applet
          - WINSCR: Get rid of the 'Up to 5 second wait' for the data thread
              to terminate.  Force terminate the thread and clean up the
              graphics app in a clean-up routine.  Forcing the user to wait
              when they return to the system isn't a good idea.
          - WINSCR: Fix screensaver issue where the screensaver locks up
              when the graphics application deadlocks for one reason or
              Create two new threads:
                1. Monitor system for keyboard and mouse events.
                2. Shuffle window z-order positions if needed.
              The keyboard/mouse event monitor is isolated from either
                the core client getting stuck in a loop and not returning
                the results of an RPC or the window shuffling code which
                can get stuck if the graphics application dead locks.
              The window shuffle code is isolated due to the
                BroadcastSystemMessage() API using something akin to
                SendMessage() which waits for a return value from the
                target windows winproc.  If a graphics application
                deadlocks for one reason or another it'll cause
                the thread to stall.  This isn't terminal and so we
                just wait for the next time the data thread chooses
                a new application and terminates the old one which
                will cause the thread to resume.
              This should resolve all outstanding issues with the
                screensaver not exiting when the mouse or keyboard
                is used.
              screensaver_win.cpp, .h
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=17336
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      - client: more instances of showing project with message. Fixes #848 · 2574afb4
      David Anderson authored
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