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    Changes for multithread app support: · 13400c95
    David Anderson authored
    - update_versions: use __ (not :) as separator for plan class
    - client: add plan_class to APP_VERSION;
        an app version is now identified by platform/version/plan_class
    - client CPU scheduler: don't assume apps use 1 CPU
    - client: add avg_ncpus, max_cpus, flops, cmdline to RESULT
    - scheduler: implement app planning scheme
    Other changes:
    - client: if symlink() fails, make a XML soft link instead
        (for Unix running off a FAT32 FS)
    - client: don't accept nonpositive resource share from AMS
    - daemons and DB: check for error returns from enumerations,
        and exit if so.  Thus, if the MySQL server goes down,
        all the daemons will soon exit.
        The cron script will restart them every 5 min,
        so when the DB server comes back up so will the project.
    - web: show empty max CPU % as ---
    - API: get rid of all_threads_cpu_time option (always the case now)
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