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            Windows.  The goal is to completely automate the build process
            by creating a self contained environment for the scripts to
            execute under.  When completed it'll be able to do the following:
              * Increment version information
              * Build client software using installed version of VS.
              * Validate symbol files for specific components.
              * Add source file information to symbol files. (This will allow
                  VS to automatically download the source file from SVN while
                  single-stepping through the code on a clean machine)
              * Code sign executables
              * Build installer
              * Code sign installer
              * Upload updated symbol files and and setup packages
            When building interactively:
              * Automatically update the DLLs BOINC and BOINCMgr depend on
                  when they have been updated in the source tree.
              * Fix-up BOINC project files when new branches are created
              * Fix-up project files for components BOINC depends on when
                  new versions are released.
            version.log (added)      
            buildenv.cmd (added)
            <Various Files>
    svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=19672
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