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    build: check for per-thread locale support · 6e2204c0
    Juha Sointusalo authored
    Allows fixing and cleaning up per-thread locale support in Manager and
    locale.h and xlocale.h were checked for libboinc_graphics. Move
    xlocale.h check to correct place and remove locale.h check. locale.h has
    been part of C standard library since C89.
    The support for per-thread locales cannot be reliably inferred from the
    existence of different headers. Some systems declare uselocale() in
    locale.h, others in xlocale.h and xlocale.h is no longer included in GNU
    libc. Instead explicitly check for uselocale() and
    Add uselocale() check result to Mac config.h so that the #ifdef mazes
    can be simplified.
    Also correct quoting in AC_CHECK_FUNCS and AC_CHECK_HEADERS calls.
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