Commit 83264d10 authored by Reinhard Prix's avatar Reinhard Prix

allow use of --enable-client-release switch on any platform.

[might still need adjustments in m4/sah_check_lib.m4 to work
 of platforms other than linux,solaris,cygwin or darwin].

svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=9085
parent 1959fbe1
......@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ dnl some vodoo required for building portable client-binary (client, clientgui)
dnl ======================================================================
[Build a portable "release-candidate" (currently implemented for Linux and Solaris only):
this links libstd++ statically. You will probably need gcc-3.0 for
this to produce a portable client-binary.
It is therefore recommended to use CC=gcc-3.0 and CXX=g++-3.0 for this.
[Attempt to build a portable "release-candidate": this links libstd++ and
other addon-libraries statically.
(On GNU/Linux you might need to use gcc-3.0 for this to produce a
binary that works for glibc <= 2.2 systems. => use CC=gcc-3.0 and CXX=g++-3.0)
(Default = no)]),
......@@ -165,27 +165,13 @@ SAH_OPTION_BITNESS
dnl Determine the BOINC platform given the target arch-platform-os.
dnl Some platform specific settings
case $target in
*linux* | *sun* )
if ( test "${enable_client_release}" = yes ) && ( test "${enable_client}" != yes ); then
AC_MSG_WARN([--enable-client-release ignored.
if ( test "${enable_client_release}" = yes ) && ( test "${enable_client}" != yes ); then
AC_MSG_WARN([--enable-client-release ignored.
The switch --enable-client-release is only useful for building the client and will be ignored
*) ## in the non-linux, non-solaris case, --enable-client-release is not allowed
if test "${enable_client_release}" = yes; then
Sorry, the switch --enable-client-release is currently only implemented
for Linux and Solaris, and will have no effect.
dnl Unfortunately on some 32 bit systems there is a problem with wx-widgets
dnl configuring itself for largefile support. On these systems largefile
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