Commit 978aef04 authored by BOINC Translator's avatar BOINC Translator

Update Translations

svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=19562
parent 940bde92
......@@ -2,22 +2,47 @@
# Automate the compilation of the various locale PO files by automatically
# generating them at night.
echo $projname
echo $projdir
cd $projdir
exit 0
for file in `find -name ''` ; do
# Iterrate through the various PO files looking for those that need to be compiled.
for file in `find -name 'BOINC-Manager.po'` ; do
dir=`dirname $file`
locale=`basename $dir`
cp -f $file BOINC/locale/${locale}
timestampPO=`date -r ${projdir}/${locale}/BOINC-Manager.po`
timestampMO=`date -r ${projdir}/${locale}/`
if [ "${timestampPO}" -ne "${timestampMO}" ]; then
# Remove old MO from previous compilation
rm ${projdir}/
# Use wget to cause the Pottle system to compile the PO file into an MO file.
# poEdit has a hard time with the Pootle markup in the PO files.
# Example:
# Add any new MO files to SVN
svn add ${projdir}/${locale}/
# Touch each file to adjust timestamps
touch ${projdir}/${locale}/BOINC-Manager.po
touch ${projdir}/${locale}/
# Commit any changes to SVN
svn commit -m 'Update Translations'
exit 0
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