Commit cccfbd9c authored by Oliver Bock's avatar Oliver Bock

Don't allow top-level elements other than apps and compound elements

* This is solely related to GUI design, not the resulting XML structure in the database (which has to be flat anyway to stay compatible with BOINC)
* All regular project-specific preference settings (apart from the list of apps) should be grouped in collapsible sections
* Thus all of those elements now have to be placed inside <compound> elements and aren't allowed as top-level elements (direct children of the root element) anymore

parent f6078efc
......@@ -157,10 +157,6 @@
<xs:choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">
<xs:element name="text" type="text" />
<xs:element name="boolean" type="boolean" />
<xs:element name="radio" type="radio" />
<xs:element name="dropdown" type="dropdown" />
<xs:element name="apps" type="apps" />
<xs:element name="compound" type="compound" />
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