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Commit df966c74 authored by Shawn Kwang's avatar Shawn Kwang

Drupal: Fixed bug in comment goto code.

Fixed bug in pagination where hidden comments would result in incorrect page number for the drupal goto.

parent 0900f7e8
......@@ -1671,7 +1671,7 @@ function boinccore_url_pagination_handler($type, $object_id = NULL) {
// See how many comments there are before (or after) this comment...
$comment_offset = db_result(db_query('
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {comments}
WHERE nid = %d AND status = 0 AND timestamp %s %d',
WHERE nid = %d AND (status = 0 OR status = 1) AND timestamp %s %d',
$object->nid, $gt_lt, $object->timestamp));
if ($comment_offset) {
// Get the number of comments per page
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