Commit f4d16893 authored by Rom Walton's avatar Rom Walton

MGR: Tighten up the code to the last commit a bit.

parent 9fb1a342
......@@ -205,13 +205,14 @@ void CDlgItemProperties::show_rsc(wxString rsc_name, RSC_DESC rsc_desc) {
double x = rsc_desc.backoff_time - dtime();
if (x<0) x = 0;
if (x) {
wxString tmp;
tmp.Format(_("%s work fetch deferred for"), rsc_name.c_str());
addProperty(tmp, FormatTime(x));
tmp.Format(_("%s work fetch deferral interval"), rsc_name.c_str());
addProperty(tmp, FormatTime(rsc_desc.backoff_interval));
wxString::Format(_("%s work fetch deferred for"), rsc_name.c_str()),
wxString::Format(_("%s work fetch deferral interval"), rsc_name.c_str()),
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