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      *** empty log message *** · c8424dfd
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      Trivial reordering · 15d5fce1
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      scheduler: don't resend a result to a host if any of the following is true: · 6a978c38
      Bruce Allen authored
            [1] WU error flag set
            [2] WU already has canonical result
            [3] (report_deadline - current_time) < 25% of WU delay bound
            If any of these conditions is true, set the report deadline to the
            current time and set the WU transition time to the current time.
            The transitioner will then 'do the right thing'.
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=6871
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      scheduler: fixed to checkins on 28 July · a009ee9a
      Bruce Allen authored
            (1) Put core client version number into wreq BEFORE searching for
                an app version. Problem is that reply.wreq.core_client_version was only being set in
                send_work(), which was too late for the resend_lost_work() part
                of the code.  You might want to move all the initialization of reply.wreq
                out of send_work().   The core client version is needed to see if the
                app is compatible with it when calling get_app_version().
            (2) In retransmitting lost work, do NOT set the deadline to new
                values.  Else the result will never time out!  But DO reset
                the sent_time, to indicate that result was resent.
                In the transitioner, make the next WU transition time be the min
                of deadlines of the in progress results, NOT the min of the
                sent_time+delay bound.  Unless a project wants to do dynamic
                adjustment of delay bounds for in progress results this should be OK.
                CPDN people: I don't think this does any harm for trickles but
                you might want to give it a quick look to be 100% sure.
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      *** empty log message *** · cc29afb1
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