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      - API: small tweak that should help narrow down the occasional crashes · 93902c14
      David Anderson authored
          in fprintf() and boinc_msg_prefix() seen by E@h
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=22844
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      - client: improve text of "message from server" notices · 878ec293
      David Anderson authored
      	- manager: change "add account manager" to "use account manager".
      		"Add" is confusing, because you can't add multiple account managers
      		like you add projects.
      	- client: recognize a few new ATI GPU models
      		from Robert Kreß
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=22843
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      - client: if detect that system clock has been set backwards · 4f3d628e
      David Anderson authored
          (either at startup or during execution)
          reset a number of "wait until X" variables;
          otherwise we might wait years to contact a project, restart a file xfer, etc.
          - there is no problem setting clocks forward; things just happen prematurely
          - some variables (e.g. task deadlines) are not reset,
              because it's not clear what to set them to
      - sched: remove ati_opencl plan class until we understand what it is
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=22842
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      - client: work fetch: if the chosen project is currently uploading a file, · 18f2e909
      David Anderson authored
          and an upload started in the last 5 min, don't fetch work from it.
          The goal is to merge the 2 scheduler RPCs
          (fetch work, report completed taskS) into a single RPC.
          Note: this may result in idleness in some cases.
      - scheduler: if client doesn't handle plan class (pre-5.10),
          check plan-class app versions anyway,
          but only use if it's a single-CPU app.
          This allows single-CPU app versions with specific requirements
          (like SSE) to be issued to old clients.
          From Bernd Machenschalk
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=22841
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      - client: fix scheduling problem: · fa6c5819
      David Anderson authored
          Old: enforce_schedule() won't run an active job if its
              working set size exceeds remaining available RAM.
          Problem: there may be a lot of similar jobs.
              The client starts one, finds that its working set is too large,
              starts the second, and so on.
          Solution: if J is an unstarted job,
              and there are started jobs using the same app version,
              consider J's working set size to be the largest of
              the working sets of those jobs.
      - client: fix an apparent bug that could oversaturate
          the CPUs with single-thread jobsk
      svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=22840
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