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Commit 2acb9b7a authored by Charlie Fenton's avatar Charlie Fenton

Fix errors building on MS Windows found by Appveyor

parent b1987ef4
......@@ -326,10 +326,11 @@ int CScreensaver::launch_screensaver(RESULT* rp, GFXAPP_ID& graphics_application
int CScreensaver::terminate_v6_screensaver(GFXAPP_ID& graphics_application, RESULT* rp) {
int retval = 0;
pid_t thePID;
int i;
#ifdef __APPLE__
pid_t thePID;
if (gUseLaunchAgent) {
// As of OS 10.15 (Catalina) screensavers can no longer launch apps
// that run setuid or setgid. So instead of killing graphics apps
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ protected:
DWORD WINAPI DataManagementProc();
static DWORD WINAPI DataManagementProcStub( LPVOID lpParam );
int terminate_v6_screensaver(HANDLE& graphics_application);
int terminate_v6_screensaver(HANDLE& graphics_application, RESULT* rp);
int terminate_screensaver(HANDLE& graphics_application, RESULT *worker_app);
int terminate_default_screensaver(HANDLE& graphics_application);
int launch_screensaver(RESULT* rp, HANDLE& graphics_application);
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