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Commit fe8e85a1 authored by Charlie Fenton's avatar Charlie Fenton

Merge change from trunk into my cs_app.cpp so client will build

parent 90605e4f
......@@ -332,3 +332,22 @@ ACTIVE_TASK* ACTIVE_TASK_SET::lookup_slot(int slot) {
return NULL;
#ifndef SIM
// on startup, see if any active tasks have a finished file
// i.e. they finished as the client was shutting down
void ACTIVE_TASK_SET::check_for_finished_jobs() {
for (unsigned int i=0; i<active_tasks.size(); i++) {
ACTIVE_TASK* atp = active_tasks[i];
int exit_code;
if (atp->finish_file_present(exit_code)) {
msg_printf(atp->wup->project, MSG_INFO,
"Found finish file for %s; exit code %d",
atp->result->name, exit_code
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