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added comments in header file for extended plan generation function

parent dc050e3a
......@@ -98,6 +98,25 @@ typedef enum
clFFT_InterleavedComplexFormat = 1
// enum for twiddle factor method selection (essentially different methods to evaluate
// sin(x) and cos(x) on a grid x_k= 2*pi*k/N for some N, k=0..N-1 )
// clFFT_native_trig : the original method, using native_sin, native_cos
// : NOTE: precision is hardware dependent, see OpenCL 1.1 spec
// clFFT_sincosfunc : alternative method using sincos function (slow in most
// : implementations, accuracy as defined in OpenCL 1.1 spec
// clFFT_BigLUT : alternative version using Lookup tables stored as part of the
// : plan. The LUTs size grow with O(sqrt(N)) , where N is the
// : total size of the transform (over all dimensions). This should
// : be the most accurate option and have much better performance than
// : with option clFFT_sincosfunc
// clFFT_TaylorLUT : alternative method using a constant size Look-Up-Table and Taylor
// : series approx of sin,cos
// clFFT_RFU{n} : reserved for future use, so that clFFT_TwiddleFactorMethod may use
// : the lower 3 bits of the flags argument to clFFT_CreatePlanAdv.
// : All options are mutually exclusive.
typedef enum
clFFT_native_trig = 0,
......@@ -133,6 +152,27 @@ typedef void* clFFT_Plan;
clFFT_Plan clFFT_CreatePlan( cl_context context, clFFT_Dim3 n, clFFT_Dimension dim, clFFT_DataFormat dataFormat, cl_int *error_code );
* Extended plan constructor, allows to specify plan options in the flags parameter.
* Currently only values of the enumeration clFFT_TwiddleFactorMethod are supported to
* choose the method for twiddle factor computations.
* Param:
* context : cl_context to use
* n : transform lengths in (up to) 3 dimensions
* dim : dimension of the transform
* dataFormat: see clFFT_DataFormat type
* flags : plan generation options. Use OR to specify more than one option
* (currently only the mutually exclusive enumeration values of
* clFFT_TwiddleFactorMethod are supported)
* error_code: pointer to error code, in case of error
* Returns:
* freshly allocated clFFT_Plan object holding the plan for the specified transform.
* Can be reused for several FFT plan executions.
* The caller is responsible to deallocate this object after use.
clFFT_Plan clFFT_CreatePlanAdv( cl_context context, clFFT_Dim3 n, clFFT_Dimension dim, clFFT_DataFormat dataFormat, unsigned long flags, cl_int *error_code );
void clFFT_DestroyPlan( clFFT_Plan plan );
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