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Updated build/install instructions

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Build instructions:
# GW170817
Copyright © 2017
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
1) Download and/or install the Qt SDK:
2) Open Qt Creator to build the project
3) Alternatively: run the following commands
# Install instructions
1. Download our pre-built binary for your operating system
1. Download and install the Qt framework:
- macOS:
- Use MacPorts to install the `qt4-mac` package
- **or** run the [installer](
- Linux: use your distribution's package manager and install [`libqt4-opengl`]( (incl. `libqtcore4` and `libqtgui4`)
- Windows: run the [installer](
Notes for Mac OS X users:
# Build instructions
- You need to run "qmake -spec macx-g++" instead of just "qmake" in order to create a Makefile for "make"
- Alternatively, you could just run "qmake" and use the generated XCode project instead of "make"
1. Download and install the Qt framework as described above
- Note for macOS when using MacPorts:
- Run once: `sudo ln -s /opt/local/libexec/qt4/bin/qmake /opt/local/bin/qmake`
1. Run the following commands in the project's root directory:
1. `qmake`
1. `make`
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