Commit fc050c7a authored by Oliver Bock's avatar Oliver Bock
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Compile lib as C++ to ensure compatibility

parent fdede467
.DEFAULT_GOAL := libantenna.a
antenna_main: antenna_lib.o antenna_main.c antenna_lib.h
cc -o antenna_main antenna_main.c antenna_lib.o -lm
antenna_main: antenna_lib.o antenna_main.cpp antenna_lib.h
g++ -o antenna_main antenna_main.cpp antenna_lib.o -lm
antenna_lib.o: antenna_lib.c antenna_lib.h
cc -c antenna_lib.c
antenna_lib.o: antenna_lib.cpp antenna_lib.h
g++ -c antenna_lib.cpp
libantenna.a: antenna_lib.o
ar rcs libantenna.a antenna_lib.o
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