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adding zernike test file

parent fc4b9be4
import numpy as np
from pykat.utilities.maps import zernikemap
import random
import pykat
import pylab
import os
r = 0.0125
size = np.array([200, 200])
legends = []
for n in xrange(0,3):
for m in range(-n, n+1):
legends.append("%i,%i" % (m,n))
zmap = zernikemap('dsad', size, 2*r / size, 2*r, 1e-7)
zmap.setZernike(m, n, 10)
zmap.type = 'phase reflection'
kat = pykat.finesse.kat()
l l1 1 0 n0
m m1 0.99 0.01 0 n0 n1
s s1 12 n1 n2
m m2 0.999 0.001 0 n2 n3
attr m1 Rc -20
attr m2 Rc 20
cav c1 m1 n1 m2 n2
pd refl n0
pd circ n1
pd tran n3
bp wz x w n2
trace 2
yaxis re:im
map m2 %s/
maxtem 4
xaxis m2 phi lin -10 190 2000
""" % os.path.realpath(os.path.curdir))
out =
print out["wz"][0]
pylab.semilogy(out.x, out["tran"])
pylab.xlim(min(out.x), max(out.x))
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