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adding in overlap function from Paul between two beam parameters

parent 8a1ff3f6
......@@ -175,9 +175,25 @@ class gauss_param(object):
return q.real * (1+ (q.imag/q.real)**2)
def overlap(q1, q2):
Computes the projection from one beam parameter to another to give a measure of the
overlap between the two beam parameters.
This function was provided by Paul Fulda and Antonio Perreca, which came originally
from Chris Mueller.
Added on 20/4/2015
return abs(4*q1.imag * q2.imag)/abs(q1.conjugate()-q2)**2
def conjugate(self):
return beam_param(self.__lambda, self.__nr, self.__q.conjugate())
def __abs__(self):
return abs(complex(self.__q))
def __complex__(self):
return self.__q
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