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adding hg2lg function, has been tested, but need to add test example

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...@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ import math ...@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ import math
import copy import copy
import warnings import warnings
import cmath import cmath
from scipy.special import hermite from math import factorial
from scipy.special import hermite, jacobi
from pykat.SIfloat import SIfloat from pykat.SIfloat import SIfloat
class gauss_param(object): class gauss_param(object):
...@@ -405,3 +406,48 @@ class HG_beam(object): ...@@ -405,3 +406,48 @@ class HG_beam(object):
def hg2lg(n,m):
"""A function for Matlab which returns the coefficients and mode indices of
the LG modes required to create a particular HG mode.
Usage: coefficients,ps,ls = hg2lg(n,m)
n,m: Indces of the HG mode to re-create.
coeffcients: Complex coefficients for each order=n+m LG mode required to
re-create HG_n,m.
ps,ls: LG mode indices corresponding to coefficients.
# Mode order
N = n+m;
# Create empty vectors for LG coefficients/ indices
coefficients = np.linspace(0,0,N+1,dtype=np.complex_)
ps = np.linspace(0,0,N+1)
ls = np.linspace(0,0,N+1)
# Calculate coefficients
for j in np.arange(0,N+1):
# Indices for coefficients
l = 2*j-N
p = int((N-np.abs(l))/2)
ps[j] = p
ls[j] = l
signl = np.sign(l)
if (l==0):
signl = 1.0
# Coefficient
c = (signl*1j)**m * np.sqrt(factorial(N-m)*factorial(m)/(2**N * factorial(np.abs(l)+p)*factorial(p)))
c = c * (-1.0)**p * (-2.0)**m * scipy.special.eval_jacobi(m,np.abs(l)+p-m,p-m,0.0)
coefficients[j] = c
return coefficients, ps, ls
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