Commit 7b53a4e0 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown
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Fixing removal loop, removing duplicate parse command

parent 47676da4
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......@@ -940,8 +940,7 @@ class kat(object):
self.parseCommands(commands, blocks=blocks)
def parseKatCode(self, code, blocks=None):
#commands = code.split("\n")
self.parseCommands(code, blocks=blocks)
raise pkex.BasePyKatException("Removed. Use parseCommands instead.")
def processConstants(self, commands):
......@@ -1014,7 +1013,7 @@ class kat(object):
for o in self.__blocks[name].contents:
for o in list(self.__blocks[name].contents):
del self.__blocks[name]
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