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adding a different version of FFT propgagation for texting

parent c390d826
......@@ -37,6 +37,32 @@ def FFT_propagate(field, grid, Lambda, distance, nr):
return field
def FFT_propagate_simple(field, xpoints, ypoints, xstep, ystep, Lambda, distance, nr):
# FFT propagation code
# - xpoints, xsize give the number of points and physical size of one
# tile in the grid on which the field is defined along the xaxis.
# ypoints, ysize do the same for the yaxis.
# - field is the initial field E
# - distance is the ditance over which to propgagte in meters
# - Lambda is the vacuum wavelength, nr the index of refraction
k = 2.0*np.pi/Lambda*nr
plD = np.pi*Lambda*distance/nr
# compute FFT axis vectors and compute propagator
f_x = np.fft.fftshift(np.fft.fftfreq(xpoints)/xstep)
f_y = np.fft.fftshift(np.fft.fftfreq(ypoints)/ystep)
F_x, F_y = np.meshgrid(f_x,f_y)
f_r_squared = F_x**2 + F_y**2
field = np.fft.fft2(field) # perform FFT
field = field * np.exp(-1j*k*distance) * Kp # apply propagator
field = np.fft.ifft2(field) # perform reverse FFT
return field
def FFT_scale_propagate(field, grid0, grid1, Lambda, distance, w0, w1, nr):
# FFT propagation code with an adaptive grid size.
# Propagates to a scaled coordinate system, see Virgo Book of
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