Commit a2d4c21d authored by Andreas Freise's avatar Andreas Freise
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fixing complex->real conversion and removing debug output

parent 7718ecb6
......@@ -290,15 +290,14 @@ def tilt(tmpkat):
out =
# compute data x range in meters
beamsize = out["w0y"][0]
beamsize = out["w0y"][0].real
xrange = beamsize*(out.x.max()-out.x.min())
print(" Beamsize %e m" % beamsize)
print(" Measurement range: %e m, stepszie: %e m" % (xrange, stepsize))
# compute difference in angle between wavefront of carrier and sidebands
diff_l = (out["PDrefl_low"]-out["PDrefl_car"])/stepsize
diff_u = (out["PDrefl_up"]-out["PDrefl_car"])/stepsize
diff_l = (out["PDrefl_low"].real-out["PDrefl_car"].real)/stepsize
diff_u = (out["PDrefl_up"].real-out["PDrefl_car"].real)/stepsize
tilt_l = diff_l[1:-1]-diff_l[0:-2]
tilt_u = diff_u[1:-1]-diff_u[0:-2]
print(" Tilt (upper - car), mean: %e m/deg, stddev %e m/deg" % (np.mean(tilt_u), np.std(tilt_u)))
......@@ -186,18 +186,10 @@ def get_qs(tmpkat,f):
def beam_size(tmpkat, f, beam0):
kat = copy.deepcopy(tmpkat)
print("setting q param ---------------")
kat.psl.npsl.node.setGauss(kat.psl, beam0)
#kat.parseKatCode("startnode npsl")
# add thermal lens and propagate input beam to ITM
kat = set_thermal_lens(kat, f)
global out
out =,printerr=0)
# computing beam size at ITM
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