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Compile it with `LuaLaTeX`, for details see the `Makefile`.
The main file is `poster.tex`, the custom style is defined in `layout/beamerthemeLasNQposter.sty`
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The main file is `poster.tex`, the custom style is defined in `layout/beamerthemeLasNQposter.sty`
## Make your own
If you want to use one of the templates, the nicest way is to [fork]( the project.
This way it is possible to update your customized version with the upstream changes made in the template.
Or if you made changes that are of worth to be submitted in the template you can make a merge request and update the template.
### Merge Changes from the Template
#### Set up Remote
The first time you have to set up your git repository to follow the template:
git remote add template
#### Fetch the Changes
Now you can fetch the changes
git fetch template
checkout the branch you want to merge to
git checkout master
and merge it.
git merge template/master
That's all. Now you've got the updates and all your changes are still the same.
### Merge Request to the Template
If you make changes that should be updated on the template, make a branch for them:
git checkout -b my-new-branch
After making the changes, committing and pushing them to GitLab you can make a merge request as described in the [GitLab Fork docs](
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