Commit cec37b69 authored by Bernd Machenschalk's avatar Bernd Machenschalk
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don't force building the static version when installing

parent 6123b933
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ fft_execute.o: fft_execute.cpp ../include/clFFT.h fft_internal.h
fft_kernelstring.o: fft_kernelstring.cpp ../include/clFFT.h fft_internal.h
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -c fft_kernelstring.cpp
install: $(TARGET) ../include/clFFT.h
install: ../include/clFFT.h libeclfft.*
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/lib $(PREFIX)/include
cp ../include/clFFT.h $(PREFIX)/include/eclfft.h
cp libeclfft.* $(PREFIX)/lib/
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