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......@@ -361,14 +361,14 @@ class xaxis(Command):
def getFinesseText(self):
return '# noaxis is true, switching xaxis off'
# store either the component name of the string provided
comp_name = if hasattr(self.__comp, "name") else self.__comp
param_name = if isinstance(self.__param, Param) else self.__param
return '{axis_type} {0} {1} {2} {3:.16g} {4:.16g} {5}'.format(
comp_name, param_name, self.scale,
min(self.limits), max(self.limits), self.steps, axis_type=self._axis_type);
self.limits[0], self.limits[1], self.steps, axis_type=self._axis_type);
class x2axis(xaxis):
def __init__(self, scale, limits, param, steps, comp=None, axis_type="x2axis"):
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