Commit 54ab6895 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown
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fixing abcd

parent 243e44d6
import numpy as np
def apply(ABCD, q1, n1, n2):
return n2 * (ABCD[0,0] * q1/n1 + ABCD[0,1] / (ABCD[1,0] * q1/n1 + ABCD[1,1]))
return n2 * (ABCD[0,0] * q1/n1 + ABCD[0,1]) / (ABCD[1,0] * q1/n1 + ABCD[1,1])
def mirror_trans(n1, n2, Rc):
return np.matrix([[1,0],[(n2-n1)/Rc,1]])
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