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Corrected an error and updated todo-list.

parent b9998f5d
......@@ -106,9 +106,13 @@ class surfacemap(object):
Give 'offset' is in meters.
x0new =[0] + (-self.xyOffset[0] + offset[0])/self.step_size[0]
y0new =[1] + (-self.xyOffset[1] + offset[1])/self.step_size[1]
# These two lines aren't compatible with recenter(). Changed.
# x0new =[0] + (-self.xyOffset[0] + offset[0])/self.step_size[0]
# y0new =[1] + (-self.xyOffset[1] + offset[1])/self.step_size[1]
x0new =[0] + offset[0]/self.step_size[0]
y0new =[1] + offset[1]/self.step_size[1]
# Checking so new suggested "center" is within the the mirror surface
if (x0new>0 and x0new<self.size[0]-1 and y0new>0 and y0new<self.size[1]-1 and
......@@ -120,7 +124,6 @@ class surfacemap(object):
print(('Error in xyOffset: ({:.2e}, {:.2e}) m --> pos = ({:.2f}, {:.2f}) '+
'is outside mirror surface.').format(offset[0],offset[1],x0new,y0new))
def betaRemoved(self):
return self._betaRemoved
......@@ -424,8 +427,8 @@ class surfacemap(object):
pylab.title('Surface map {0}, type {1}'.format(, self.type))
cbar = pylab.colorbar()
#cbar.set_clim(zmin, zmax)
cbar.set_clim(-1.86, 1.04)
cbar.set_clim(zmin, zmax)
# cbar.set_clim(-1.86, 1.04)
if clabel is not None:
......@@ -717,7 +720,7 @@ class surfacemap(object):
for k in range(0,3,2):
m = (k-1)*2
Z = A[k]*zernike(m, 2, rho, phi)[self.notNan] =[self.notNan]-Z[self.notNan][self.notNan] =[self.notNan]-Z[self.notNan]
self.zernikeRemoved = (m, 2, A[k])
Rc = znm2Rc([a*self.scaling for a in A[::2]], R)
elif zModes=='defocus' or zModes=='Defocus':
......@@ -949,16 +952,18 @@ class surfacemap(object):
'astigmatism' uses Zernike polynomials (n,m) = (2,-2) and (n,m) = (2,2).
'all' uses both the defocus and the astigmatic modes.
if method == 'zernike'
if method == 'zernike':
Returns: Rc, znm
Rc - Approximate spherical radius of curvature removed.
znm - Dictionary specifying which Zernike polynomials that have been removed
as well as their amplitudes.
if method == 'sphere' and isCenter[0] == False
if method == 'sphere' and isCenter[0] == False:
Returns: Rc, zOff
Rc - Radius of curvature of the sphere removed from the mirror map. [m]
zOff - z-offset of the sphere removed. [surfacemap.scaling]
if method == 'sphere' and isCenter[0] == True
if method == 'sphere' and isCenter[0] == True:
Returns Rc, zOff, center
center - [x0, y0] giving the coordinates of the center of the fitted sphere.
......@@ -2143,11 +2148,27 @@ class BinaryReader:
def __del__(self):
# map3=FT_invert_mirror_map(map3, invert)
- map3=FT_invert_mirror_map(map3, invert) (Needed?)
# The intensity data is not used for anything. Remove
# or add to pykat?
- The intensity data is read but not used. Remove or add?
- When removing astigmatism and defocus separately, the process that is
performed last will overwrite smap.Rc. Change this so that it is
recognised that the other processes has been performed and calculate
the "correct" Rc and store it.
- Similar to the above point, make zernikeRemoved additative so that
when processing by fitting surfaces, and translating to Zernike,
different processes can add to the same Zernike-polynomial amplitude.
- Messy with different index order for Zernike-polynomials. Tried to
follow ddb's (m,n), but apparantly I have written (n,m) at a lot
of places anyway. Nothing is wrong in the code though, buy a bit
confusing when reading instructions and comments.
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