Commit a76f88c1 authored by Andreas Freise's avatar Andreas Freise
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adding the possibility to run finesse with plotting.

parent 97fb34f9
......@@ -704,7 +704,7 @@ class kat(object):
return Process(target=f__lkat_process, args=(callback, cmd, kwargs))
def run(self, printout=0, printerr=0, save_output=False, save_kat=False,kat_name=None) :
def run(self, printout=0, printerr=0, plot=None, save_output=False, save_kat=False,kat_name=None) :
Runs the current simulation setup that has been built thus far.
It returns a katRun or katRun2D object which is populated with the various
......@@ -751,6 +751,14 @@ class kat(object):
r.katScript = "".join(self.generateKatScript())
if (plot==None):
# ensure we don't do any plotting. That should be handled
# by user themselves
r.katScript+=("gnuterm no\n")
r.katScript+=("pyterm no\n")
# create a kat file which we will write the script into
if self.__tempname == None:
katfile = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".kat", dir=self.__tempdir)
......@@ -761,7 +769,7 @@ class kat(object):
if printout == 1:
if printout == 1 or plot != None:
cmd=[kat_exec, '--perl1']
......@@ -1112,11 +1120,6 @@ class kat(object):
if self.noxaxis == True:
# ensure we don't do any plotting. That should be handled
# by user themselves
out.append("gnuterm no\n")
out.append("pyterm no\n")
return out
def openGUI(self):
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