Commit ab8912ef authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown
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testing param owner reference

parent 2f76b1f2
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ assert(kat0.nodes.n0 != kat1.nodes.n0)
assert(kat0.o1 != kat1.o1)
assert(kat0.o1.__class__ != kat1.o1.__class__)
assert(kat0.m1.phi.owner == kat0.m1)
assert(kat1.m1.phi.owner == kat1.m1)
# use is to compare if two params are the same object as equals is override to compare the value
assert(kat0.o1.f1 is not kat1.o1.f1)
assert(kat0.o1.f1 == kat1.o1.f1)
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