Commit f98bfe4b authored by Andreas Freise's avatar Andreas Freise
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small fix for

parent 34a0c1da
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ def plot_error_contour(x,y,z,xlabel, ylabel, clabel, title='', filename=''):
# make symmetric color display
im = ax.imshow(data,origin='lower',extent=extent,cmap=mycm, aspect='auto', interpolation='nearest')
#im = ax.imshow(z[:,:,4],origin='lower',extent=extent,cmap=mycm, aspect='auto')
#im = ax.imshow(data,origin='lower',extent=extent,cmap=mycm, aspect='auto')
cb = fig.colorbar(im, format="%.4g")
cb.set_clim(-1.0*zlimit, zlimit)
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