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# XtalkLisaPropagation # XtalkLisaPropagation
Implementation of the spacecrafts jitters/accelerations (cross talk) in the TDI outputs Implementation of tilt to length coupling noise (TTL) in LISA by
\ No newline at end of file spacecraft jittering cross talk in the TDI outputs in synthlisa.
Synthlisa's TDInoise constructor had to be extended by a new noise:
phase_meter_noise which was derived from optical (shot) noise
We use Vagrant to provision a VirtualBox virtual LINUX machine as an ideal
environment for synthlisa. The changes regarding the above mentioned extension
are done in the Git patch: extend-synthlisa-by-phasemeter-noise.patch
please run the example in /testing and refer to the file for details
![overview image](overview.jpeg)
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