Commit f6b14869 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Fixes errors in dtglitch handling

parent 0cacb374
......@@ -706,10 +706,10 @@ class Writer(BaseSearchClass):
self.minStartTime = self.tstart
if self.maxStartTime is None:
self.maxStartTime = self.tend
if self.dtglitch is None or all(self.dtglitch == self.duration):
if self.dtglitch is None or self.dtglitch == self.duration:
self.tbounds = [self.tstart, self.tend]
elif np.size(self.dtglitch) == 1:
self.dtglitch = np.array(dtglitch)
self.dtglitch = np.array([dtglitch])
self.tbounds = np.concatenate((
[self.tstart], self.tstart+self.dtglitch, [self.tend]))
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