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Added first draft of conventions. Sign for iota might be wrong

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Lattitude is measured north of the equator. So Lattitude -10 means 10
degrees SOUTH of the equator.
Longitude is measured East of Greenwich. So longitude -90 means 90
degrees West of Greenwich (somewhere in the USA).
x,y,z coordinate system for Earth is as follows:
(a) The equator lies in the XY plane
(b) The north pole lies on the positive Z axis
(c) The line of longitude 0 lies in the XZ plane and passes through
the positive X axis
The orbital inclination angle iota (from 0 to 180 degrees) is the angle
between the orbital angular momentum vector (defined with the
right-hand rule) and the vector from earth to source.
Face-on is iota=0 and face-off is iota=180.
The orientation angle psi is the angle (from 0 to 180 degrees,
measured counterclockwise from North) between the long angle of the
ellipse (projected into the plane of the sky) and the northerly
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