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import warnings
def canFreeze(cls):
def _freeze(self): self.__dict__["____FROZEN____"] = True
def _unfreeze(self): self.__dict__["____FROZEN____"] = False
def frozensetattr(self, name, value):
if "____FROZEN____" in self.__dict__ and self.__dict__["____FROZEN____"] and not hasattr(self, name):
if hasattr(self, "name"):
n =
elif hasattr(self, "__name"):
n = self.__name
n = self.__class__.__name__
warnings.warn("'%s' does not have attribute called '%s'" % (n, name), stacklevel=2)
super(cls, self).__setattr__(name, value)
cls.__setattr__ = frozensetattr
cls._freeze = _freeze
cls._unfreeze = _unfreeze
return cls
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