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removing not-needed function from gaussian beam, chaning HG beam plot to not use pylab

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from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import pykat.exceptions as pkex
import numpy as np
import math
......@@ -7,59 +12,6 @@ import cmath
from scipy.special import hermite
from pykat.SIfloat import SIfloat
def fit_beam_size(z_data, w_data, w0guess, z0guess, lam=1064e-9, show_plot=True,
plotpts=100, title='Beam scan fit', w2zero=True, filename=None):
Function to fit a beam size (w0 and z) to a 2D intensity array. Plotting can
be switched on or off.
Returns best fit of (w0, z)
Contributed by Paul Fulda on 15/01/16
import scipy.optimize
def zw0z02w(z, w0, z0, lam):
z_R = pl.pi*w0**2/lam
w = w0*pl.sqrt(1+((z-z0)/z_R)**2)
return w
popt,pcov = scipy.optimize.curve_fit(lambda z_data, w0, z0: zw0z02w(z_data, w0, z0, lam), z_data, w_data, p0=[w0guess,z0guess])
z_fit = pl.linspace(min(z_data),max(z_data),plotpts)
w_fit = zw0z02w(z_fit, w0out, z0out, lam)
if show_plot or filename is not None:
import pylab as pl
pl.plot(z_data,w_data*um,'bo', label = 'Data')
pl.plot(z_fit,w_fit*um,'b', label = 'Fit')
pl.xlabel('Position [m]')
pl.ylabel('Beam size [$\mu$m]')
if w2zero:
if filename is not None:
return w0out, z0out
class gauss_param(object):
Use beam_param instead, will be the future name of this object.
......@@ -316,9 +268,15 @@ class gauss_param(object):
class beam_param(gauss_param):
# Should be renamed to HG_mode?
class HG_beam(object):
""" Hermite-Gauss beam profile. Example usage:
import pykat.optics.gaussian_beams as gb
def __init__(self, qx, qy=None, n=0, m=0):
self._qx = copy.deepcopy(qx)
self._2pi_qrt = math.pow(2.0/math.pi, 0.25)
......@@ -427,7 +385,9 @@ class HG_beam(object):
return np.outer(_un, _um)
def plot(self, ndx=100, ndy=100, xscale=4, yscale=4):
import pylab
""" Make a simple plot the HG_beam """
import pykat.plotting
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
xrange = xscale * np.linspace(-self._qx.w, self._qx.w, ndx)
yrange = yscale * np.linspace(-self._qy.w, self._qy.w, ndy)
......@@ -437,11 +397,11 @@ class HG_beam(object):
data = self.Unm(xrange,yrange)
fig = pylab.figure()
axes = pylab.imshow(np.abs(data), aspect=dx/dy, extent=[min(xrange),max(xrange),min(yrange),max(yrange)])
pylab.xlabel('x [m]')
pylab.ylabel('y [m]')
fig = pykat.plotting.figure()
axes = plt.imshow(np.abs(data.T), aspect=dx/dy, extent=[min(xrange),max(xrange),min(yrange),max(yrange)])
plt.xlabel('x [m]')
plt.ylabel('y [m]')
cbar = fig.colorbar(axes)
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